Books for NPTE

Please note, NPTE Final Frontier will provide all pages and materials for our daily readings from these books all enrolled Full Live Class, Study Bundle, and Audio Bundle students, and students in our course should not be required to purchase outside material, other than suggested practice examinations. The amount of material we provide must fall within Fair Use guidelines and laws. NPTE Final Frontier cannot provide a full book to you due to Copyright laws.

The following main course textbooks are required for NPTE preparation:

The following review books are required for NPTE preparation:

The following materials are recommended for NPTE preparation:

  1. Blue Book – Provided by Therapy Ed during on-campus review course.
  2. Saunders Q&A for the Physical Therapy Board Examination by Fortinberry
  3. Joint Structure and Function: A comprehensive analysis by Levangie and Norkins