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Diagnostic Session


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Diagnostic Session

Most Thorough NPTE Diagnostic Available


Are you unsure of how prepared you need to be for the NPTE? Do you want a consultation from one of our exam experts on test taking strategies, or to determine content or non-content areas that may be holding you back from passing the NPTE? The one-on-one Diagnostic Session is the best way to determine your optimal study strategies, recommended preparation methods, and to uncover underlying obstacles to success on the NPTE. The Diagnostic Session is like a first patient visit to a PT clinic. At the conclusion of the Diagnostic Session we will present recommendations and provide an individualized study plan, for you to proceed with your exam preparation with confidence.

With over 96% student success rate, no other diagnostic or consultation service can compare. Dr. Singh will guide you in every aspect of NPTE preparation and create an individualized plan to help make your next NPTE attempt, your last attempt.

Your diagnostic session will comprise of a 90 minute, one-on-one session with a licensed PT, PhD professional. We will discuss your NPTE blueprint, study approaches, and barriers to success to identify your strengths and weaknesses in passing the exam. It is just like a first patient visit in a PT clinic. During the session we will also solve some NPTE style questions, refine exam strategies and make recommendations.


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