Life After the NPTE Initial Consultation


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Initial Consultation

Details of The Initial Consultation

  • Sign up and speak with one of our Life After the NPTE mentors for 30-45 minutes to discuss your needs, options, and our Life After the NPTE Services. Your mentor will guide you on exactly which services to sign up for, and how we will help YOU with your LIFE AFTER THE NPTE!
  • The cost of this service is a one-time $99 consultation fee.
  • You are not obligated to sign up for Life After the NPTE services after completing this consultation.



Mentorship, Career, and Support Services

Getting Started – Initial Consultation ($99) – Details Above

  • You will start with a 30-45 minute phone consultation with one of our licensed PTs and Life After the NPTE experts ($99). From there, the consultant will guide you the next best steps, to make sure you’re fully prepared and ready for your LIFE AFTER THE NPTE!
  • Sign up for the Life After the NPTE consultation here:

Life After the NPTE Mentorship and Career Services

  • Life After the NPTE is a flexible mentorship-based program that can help with:
    • Mentorship for newly licensed PTs/PTAs.
    • Job interview techniques.
    • CV writing and refining.
    • Cover letter revision.
    • Job contract review and negotiation (salary, benefits, etc.).
    • PT and PTA job search.
    • Initial patient documentation as a PT/PTA.
    • Clinical etiquette.
    • DPT and PTA program faculty search.
    • State licensing and endorsement support.
    • California jurisprudence exam preparation.
    • Assistance in the selection of Ph.D. and tDPT programs.
    • Foreign-trained physical therapist career assistance.
    • Foreign-trained physical therapist visa assistance.
  • Pricing:

California Jurisprudence Exam Preparation Includes the Following: