Our Advantages

Innovative content

Following FSBPT guidelines, our course is updated each NPTE cycle to ensure applicability.

Designs & Interfaces

Built on the Moodle platform, our course is backed by University-Level software and content.

Highly Customizable

Our premier program suits your individual needs to pass the NPTE; we are not one-sized-fits all.

Easy to Use

Study anywhere. Our systems are fully adaptable on every device. If you're connected, you can study.

Our Team

We have a large & diverse team of PTs and PTAs, all Final Frontier Alum.
Our team works with students throughout the entire course & helps to create content to meet the changing needs of NPTE preparation!

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Bhupinder Singh, PT, Ph.D.

Founder and Lead Instructor for NPTE Final Frontier. Dr. Singh is a licensed physical therapist and DPT program director who specializes in NPTE preparation. Dr. Singh is the primary NPTE instructor.

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Derek Camilleri, M.A.

Partner and Business Manager for NPTE Final Frontier. Mr. Camilleri coordinates project development, partnerships, content delivery, student enrollment, accounts, outcomes, marketing, and technology.

History of FF

NPTE Final Frontier was started by Dr. Bhupinder Singh. During his PhD at the University of Iowa, Dr. Singh started helping students who were struggling to pass the NPTE. After finishing his PhD in 2013, he started coaching high risk students online with 1-on-1 coaching over the weekends while keeping up with his tenure track job at California State University. While he managed to keep a 100% pass rate, the thought of providing service to the bigger physical therapy community resulted in launch of NPTE- Final Frontier in August 2015.


NPTE- Final Frontier quickly became the most active Facebook group for NPTE aspirants. The vision for helping one student at a time and giving personalized attention has persisted as we limit our student enrollment to multiple small groups every exam cycle. Unlike other NPTE coaching programs which allow DPT students or fresh graduates to teach big webinars, we stick to only licensed PT, PhD instructors. The effects are seen as we enjoy one of the best pass rates in the NPTE industry, even if many of our clients are high risk students. This year, we had students pass both on the first attempt, as well as students pass on their sixth attempt (last attempt). There were even a few students who passed on the seventh attempt! (additional attempt granted by appeal) The student satisfaction can be seen in the testimonials on the reviews & FAQs page.


We now have guided thousands of students to pass the NPTE. With increasing enrollment, our team also continues to grow. Derek Camilleri is our Business Manager who coordinates content delivery, student enrollment, payments, outcomes, and technology. We have a team of licensed physical therapists (all NPTE Final Frontier alums) who help build content to meet the changing needs of NPTE coaching. We continue to provide free resources like a free webinar before every NPTE to review key concepts. The webinar recording is available on our Facebook group. We also post question a day on the Facebook group and our phone application. While we will continue to provide free resources for everyone, there are multiple coaching options available to help you achieve your goals. Don’t give up! Make the next attempt as your last attempt.

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