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ALPS Overview

Prepare one-on-one with a licensed PT/PTA and master your NPTE weaknesses and doubts once and for all!

You may select a preferred tutor (if available) or we will help connect you with the right expert based on your individual needs!

Sign up at any time. NPTEFF Course enrollment not required.

ALPS tutoring sessions available for a cost of $67-$595 depending on the number of sessions you select. You may mix/match your tutor and content areas when you sign up for multiple sessions! Each session will be 1-hour in length.

Are you struggling in a specific NPTE topic such as neuro, msk, integ, cardiopulm, or non-systems? Are interventions or differential diagnosis foreign to you? Is your test anxiety clouding your judgment and causing your exam scores to sink?

If so, you should ENROLL NOW for our all new Advanced Licensed Partner Services (ALPS). All of our ALPS tutors are highly trained and specialize in their area of expertise. You will be paired for a 45-60 minute session based on your exact needs. Your tutor will guide your preparation and help clear your doubts once and for all.

Already enrolled in the Full Live Course, Independent Study Bundle, Audio Bundle, or with a Licensed Study Partner and want to know how this will help? The ALPS tutor will give you specific details and answer all of your questions on exact topics, which you are lacking. Raise your msk scores, destroy your test anxiety, master neuro, and dominate non-systems; with ALPS you will enjoy the view from the top and see “PASSED” on your next NPTE attempt.

what's included:

One on one tutoring session with a licensed PT/PTA.

You may choose your tutor, or we will help you select based on your needs.

You will meet live/online via Zoom.

Each session will be ~1-hour in length (+/- 10-minutes).

what's NOT included:

Small group tutoring sessions. For this, please sign up for LSP/Licensed Study Partner.

Email content support and text-messaging support is also NOT included in the ALPS program. For that, please utilize your Full Live Course email content support link from your course page, and/or the Telegram support group.

Recordings of your ALPS sessions may or may not be provided.  

Who is the course for?

All NPTE-PT and PTA aspirants can benefit from our ALPS tutors.

Cancellation / no-show policy

ALPS is a completely flexible tutoring option. You will coordinate the meeting day and time directly with your tutor after signing up. To respect the time of both student and tutor, we ask students to arrive to all scheduled sessions on time (please note time zones), as the tutoring session will officially begin at the planned time. In the event of two “no-shows” one remaining ALPS session will be charged.

Extended session policy

Each ALPS session is ~1-hour in length. Should you wish to have a longer time at once, you may coordinate with your tutor and hold two consecutive sessions back to back!

no expiration of sessions

We know that sometimes life changes things. That’s why you never have to worry about your ALPS sessions expiring! Use them now or in 9-months, the choice is yours!!


(place tutor name in order notes or email us after sign up)


You may select your preferred tutor after you pay and sign up online! Please note, not all NPTEFF team members provide ALPS tutoring. If you have any questions, contact us at any time!

SHARED SESSIONS: 2-3 students (maximum 3 students)


If you and a group of friends would like to lower the individual costs per session, you may share ALPS packages of 3 to 5-sessions. Maximum 3 students. Sessions are 1-hr each and will operate like a normal ALPS session as described above. The cost per session is lower than purchasing one-on-one, but more expensive overall due to the additional preparation time required for our tutors helping multiple students at once. **One person will purchase for your group**


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