NPTE Practice Exams


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NPTE Practice Exams

Complete NPTE Simulations


Register for the NPTE Final Frontier practice exams! With an 84% correlation to the actual NPTE, these exams align closely to your upcoming NPTE! Each exam question has a rationale and textbook reference designed by the NPTE Final Frontier Team.

The full length 250-question exams are 5-hours long and all questions are generated according to the new NPTE blueprint. The 50-question mini exams are 2.5-hours in length.

NPTE Final Frontier is the only NPTE prep program that allows three complete attempts at our practice exam and lifetime access to your score and rationales and 9-month unlimited access!

What you get for each exam

-Access to one 250-question or 50-question NPTE simulation.

-Three attempts at the exam (random order).

-Complete questions, answers, rationales, and textbook references for EVERY question.

-A detailed score report (Exams 1 and 2).

-Nine month unlimited access.


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