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ptA Practice Exams Overview

Take the exams and access at any time during your 12-month window!


Register for the NPTE Final Frontier practice exams! With an 84% correlation to the actual NPTE, these exams align closely to your upcoming NPTE! Each exam question has a rationale and textbook reference designed by the NPTE Final Frontier Team.

The full length 200-question exams are 4-hours long (additional time built in for testing accommodations) and all questions are generated according to the new NPTE blueprint. The 50-question mini exams are 2.5-hours in length.

NPTE Final Frontier is the only NPTE prep program that allows five complete attempts at our practice exam and 12-month unlimited access!

what's included:

Complete NPTE practice examinations (based on your selection).

200 or 50 NPTE-style questions.

Video items included, just like the real NPTE.

Purchase one exam, or save by purchasing exam bundles!

Detailed rationales with textbook references.

Performance examination report to help guide your studies (available on our complete 200-question exams, not available on 50-question mini exams)

12-month unlimited access.

Who is the course for?

All NPTE-PTA aspirants can benefit from our practice exams.

ALREADY an npteff flc or sb student?

Note that all PTA Full Live Course students have access to these exams. You should not purchase again.

NPTEFF PTA Independent Study Bundle students have access to NPTEFF PTA Exam 1. You can optionally purchase other exams here if you’d like!

All practice examinations align to the current NPTE blueprint from FSBPT. Detailed exam reports provided instantly, so you can better adjust study habits, and learn your strong and weak areas.

pt practice exam options & Pricing

We offer one 200-question practice exam and one 50-question mini exam (coming soon):

-PTA Exam 1 ($40, 250-questions)

-PTA 50-question Mini Exam (coming soon, $10)

NOTE: Only one user may access your account. Course enrollment sharing is not allowed and will cause conflicts in your account, particularly with exam computations! If you have a group of students who would like to join, consider emailing us about great group enrollment rates,!

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