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PTA Independent Study Bundle

Study at your own pace & join at any time!


For students who prefer to study at their own pace, we also offer an Independent Study Bundle. The Independent Study Bundle includes all Review Course materials and access to videotaped lecture material FROM THE CURRENT COHORT (new & updated with the most accurate information leading up to your NPTE)! Live classes and study group access are not included in the Independent Study Bundle. The study bundle is an affordable, flexible choice for students who want a framework for guiding their study efforts.

What you get

-Eight (8) week NPTE study course designed specifically for PTA aspirants to lead up to exam day (can be condensed)!

-NPTE Final Frontier lecture recordings from current & updating cohorts.

-NPTE Final Frontier lecture recordings from the most recent cohort (audio & video).

-NPTE Final Frontier lecture slides and materials from the most recent cohort.

-NPTE Final Frontier’s 200-question PTA NPTE practice examination.

-NPTE Final Frontier Daily Timetable & Readings (PDF format).

-Nine month unlimited access (extension options available).

When to enroll

New cohorts begin the first week of February, May, August, and November, but you can jump in at any time and access all cohort materials, and your course page will automatically update when we roll into a new cohort!


See our full Terms and Conditions here:

NPTE Final Frontier takes APTA, FSBPT, and copyright policies and laws very seriously. By purchasing NPTE Final Frontier courses and/or utilizing NPTE Final Frontier materials, you are agreeing to follow all APTA, FSBPT, and copyright policies and laws, exam security and exam integrity policies, rules, and regulations.

FSBPT Examination Security may be found here:

If you suspect any person has shared or provided direct exam materials from the NPTE and/or PEAT, please contact or FSBPT immediately.

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