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Full Intensive Review Course

Premier NPTE Preparation – Join at Any Time!


This online interactive course is a thorough preparation for the NPTE. The course includes live, interactive webinars from our lead instructor, Dr. Bhupinder Singh, with weekly Q&A sessions; an independent study timeline; access to digital study groups; and study oriented course assignments.  All the class lectures will be recorded and available for the duration of the course.



-Live Online Instructor Led Course (all classes held via Zoom.us).

-11-weeks in length.

-Each course participant will have full access to an interactive study tool and a customizable daily timetable.

-You will meet online at least twice a week in your group, and complete course assignments throughout the week with interaction with Dr. Singh. You will also have a few assignments during your cohort.

-Practice exams will be built in the course; in addition, 250 new NPTE style practice question exam will be used as a regular learning tool throughout the course.

-Classes usually meet at 8:30AM (PST) on Saturday and 5:00PM (PST) on Tuesday and Thursday. All the lectures will be recorded and available for the duration of the course. You will also be given access to a WhatsApp group managed by Dr. Singh and licensed PTs for daily interactions and discussions.

-Enrollment is valid for 9-full months at no additional cost.


COHORT START DATES (open enrollment, join at any time and begin studying right away, feel free to study for 2+ cohorts to help you best prepare).

New cohorts begin the first week of February, May, August, and November, but you can jump in at any time and access all cohort materials and recordings! Once we begin a new cohort, your course page will automatically update!



MSK 1 Basics

MSK Discussion


Spine Discussion

Research and Non-Systems

Research Discussion

Neuro Examination

Neuro Discussion

Cardio Pulmonary Examination

Cardio Discussion



Vestibular Rehabilitation

Normal Gait

Abnormal Gait

Other Systems

Other Systems Part 2

Neuro DD

MSK Interventions

Non-Systems Modalities

Neuro TBI and Stroke

Non Systems Bootcamp

Cardio Pulmonary

System Interactions

Motor Control

Free Review Class

Final Review Class


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MSK 1 Biomechanics and Kinematic Chain Active and Passive Insufficiency Lower Limb Kinematic Chain Levers MMT MSK 2 Interventions and Mobilizations Concave Convex SIS case study Spinal Mobs Stretch vs Strengthen CYRIAX Other Systems 1 Research 6 things to know Research questions Common delegation questions Teaching and Learning Biofeedback Neuro 1 Neuromuscular PNF/CTSIB Cranial nerves TBI Down Syndrome MRI Pusher Syndrome Cardio 1 CO= SV*HR Auscultation ABI/Ulcers Heart Blocks ECG Weaknesses Class All items in the weakness column Non- Systems 1 Gait Mechanics Normal Gait Abnormal Neuro Gait Amputee Gait Walking Aids MSK 3 Ortho Pathologies Innominate Rotations Adhesive Capsulitis Rotator Cuff Ankle Sprains THA/TKA Compensated Forefoot Neurology- 2 PNF Balance Motor Control Autonomic Reflexia Parkinson Disease MS/GBS/ALS Cardio-2 Lung volumes Postural Drainage Acidosis/Alkalosis Cardiac Rehab Phases RPE Drugs Other Systems-2 ACSM guidelines Modalities Endocrine GIT/UTI Abuse cases “Don’t get sued”

Refund Policy

We are so confident you will stay with us until you pass the NPTE, that we offer a full refund at any time. Email us at enrollment@nptefinalfrontier.com for a refund.

Remediation Certificate

Dr. Singh does issue state-required remediation certificates. Please contact us before ordering to ensure state reciprocity.

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