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Supplement your NPTEFF FLC and SB with our LSP Video Recording Bundle!

These sessions include hours upon hours of brand new video content from our expert tutors!

**Live tutoring & support is NOT available as part of this package. For a live tutor, please see our normal LSP, here:

The LSP video recording bundle is available to current NPTEFF Full Live Course and Study Bundle students only.

LSP is not available to non FF course students (FLC or SB required). If you are not one of our students but would like additional tutoring, check out ALPS!


Have you failed the NPTE one or more times?

Do you require extra study assistance and materials?

Are you a DPT student or foreign-trained PT not confident in your current preparation?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, enroll now for our video recording package of our small group licensed study partner program!

what's included:

20+ video recordings of NPTE-specific content (30+ hours).

Extra tips, tricks, and practice questions.

You may sign up for as many different LSP video recording bundles as you’d like (same cost applies for each)!

what's NOT included:

One on one tutoring. If you would like additional tutoring, please sign up for ALPS, here:

Live small group tutoring like what is found in our regular LSP program.

Email content support and text-messaging support is also NOT included in the LSP program. For that, please utilize your Full Live Course email content support link from your course page, and/or the Telegram support group. Your LSP may optionally text you, however this is not a guarantee with the LSP service (but we do offer it in the FLC!).

Who is the course for?

All NPTE-PT and PTA aspirants can benefit from our LSPs. Especially recommended for foreign-trained PTs, as well as DPT and PTA graduates that have taken and failed the NPTE one or more times.

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