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Email us at enrollment@nptefinalfrontier.com or call us, 844-678-3331.

Our two main courses are the Full Live Course (guided) and Video Study Bundle (independent). The chart below will help you decide which course we recommend.

1-yr from the date you enroll! This includes NEW/UPDATING content and access to EVERYTHING for the full year!

Email us at enrollment@nptefinalfrontier.com after your course expires (we cannot extend before)! Extensions are $99 for another full year!

No. Our content and timeline updates every NPTE cycle to ensure you align to the most current NPTE content. We will remove old/outdated info throughout!

Group discount is the best way to save the most! If you have a coupon code, input that at checkout.

NPTEFF is the ONLY preparation program with live access to Ph.D. faculty. Our trained instructors will give you every tool you need to pass the NPTE. Our 40+ team members are here to support you, from day 1 – passing day! We are also so confident that you’ll love our course, that we are the only program that offers a 100% lifetime refund policy!

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If you are just starting the process, visit the nonprofit, factspt.org. They will help with low cost consultations and credentialing services. If you already have a completed academic evaluation from the NYSED Board, FCCPT, CGFNS, IERF, or ICD and are authorized to take the NPTE, great! Sign up for our courses here, study, and pass your NPTE!

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