COVID-19 Updates


5/11/2020, 5:56PM PST — FSBPT sent an update for the July PTA and PT testing windows. They also mentioned the possibility that some July exams may be pushed in order to comply with social distancing (see below) within the Prometric locations. The NPTEFF Team recommends that you keep your registration current and on file with Prometric and FSBPT in order to continue receiving important updates about your specific exam.

5/8/2020, 2:21PM PST — FSBPT sent an email to NPTE candidates explaining that they will continue to update their FAQs (link), as will Prometric (link). From all of us at NPTE Final Frontier, we feel for you. Keep studying hard, do your best to stay focused, and remain positive. We look forward to seeing you licensed soon!

4/28/2020, 4:09PM PST — FSBPT sent a message that they are aware of the challenge many of you are facing in finding a seat for the April NPTE. Continue keeping an eye on Prometric as new seats will open almost daily. Additionally, FSBPT is adding flexible dates for the July NPTE testing date (in addition to the fixed dates), to ensure all July NPTE-candidates, as well as those rescheduling from April to July, are able to find a seat and test! This is great news! Continue working hard, and reach out to the NPTEFF Team if you ever need anything!

4/23/2020, 2:48PM PST — FSBPT announced that exam scores will be released on a regular schedule, and candidates will NOT have to wait for their scores to be released (image below). Also, ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING AND WEAR A MASK.

Please see both links below for full and detailed information:

FSBPT Update (Link)

Prometric Statement (Link)

4/22/2020, 3:47PM PST — FSBPT posted an announcement (picture and link below) that more NPTE slots should open in Prometric centers due to the fact that non-essential service closures have been extended through May 31st. The NPTE has been designated as an essential service and is not subject to this closure extension. This is great news! Keep an eye on the Prometric website to see if more slots become available! -The NPTEFF Team

4/20/2020, 1:35PM PST — Students struggling to find a seat for the NPTE — FSBPT sent a message to all students having a hard time finding openings in a Prometric center. FSBPT’s recommendation was to continue trying throughout the week, in anticipation that more seats will become available. All of us at NPTE Final Frontier understand this is stressful, frustrating, and inconvenient. We encourage you to check a few times each day. Both Prometric and FSBPT announced that all rescheduling fees will be refunded, meaning you will not have to pay twice if you find a better date. Keep working hard and do your best to stay positive. Reach out to the NPTE Final Frontier team if you have any questions, -The NPTEFF Team

4/17/2020, 2:29PM PST — FSBPT issued new ATTs to most individuals that held current registration for the April NPTE. Some students have reported successfully scheduling their exams in May, while others have been unable to schedule on the Prometric website. FSBPT announced that Prometric is aware of the problem, and is attempting to resolve the issue. Please continue to keep an eye on the Prometric website, and check back a couple of times each day to see if you are able to schedule. -The NPTEFF Team.

4/17/2020, 6:34AM PST — We have reached out to FSBPT and they stated that they will begin sending out new ATTs today and into next week. At this point, most ATTs were not yet updated. PROMETRIC: Some centers are not open until later in May, so although you will have a new ATT with May 1-31 window, you must still find a testing center that is open during that time. Some NPTEFF students have reported successfully scheduling their exams for May dates between the 1st-30th (as of the time of this update). If you have not yet scheduled, keep an eye out for your updated ATT (check FSBPT website and check your email for this) and try to schedule with Prometric right away. Reach out to the Final Frontier team with any questions,

4/13/2020, 8:50AM PST — FSBPT posted an announcement (link below). All individuals that have a current registration for the April PT/PTA exam will receive an updated Authorization to Test (ATT) window from May 1st to May 31st to reschedule their exam. FSBPT explained that STUDENTS SHOULD SCHEDULE THEIR NEW EXAM DATE once the updated ATT is received (meaning a new date will not be selected for you). Please read the full statement here:

4/10/2020, 11:01AM PST — Prometric announced closures of ALL centers in the U.S. and Canada through May 1st (some may be closed longer based on local/state regulations). We are awaiting a response from FSBPT on rescheduling the NPTE. Keep working hard, May 1st is right around the corner! See the Prometric statement here:

4/9/2020, 7:54AM PST — For April NPTE candidates: We still do not have an official update from FSBPT but some candidates have started getting emails and automated phone calls from Prometric. It seems like the exam dates and prometric updates vary by state. We will be using this google update sheet to keep tracking of the information. Please add and help everyone stay updated in these uncertain times. Keep studying, stay healthy and virtually connected! NPTE PROMETRIC TRACKING SHEET CAN BE FOUND HERE:

4/5/2020, 9:02AM PST — Some individuals have reported receiving emails about PTA testing at Prometric centers prior to the re-opening date of April 16th. The email appears to be an error, but the NPTEFF Team is looking more into this matter. We recommend the following: 1. Contact Prometric and FSBPT directly to confirm your testing date and status, 2. Keep your current NPTE registration date; FSBPT explained that if the April NPTE is postponed, they will try to reschedule BEFORE the July exam, however, to ensure you are rescheduled, your exam registration must be current and valid, 3. Keep studying hard; the exam is coming, and we are here to help!

4/3/2020, 6:54AM PST — FSBPT posted an update explaining that at this time some exams will be cancelled and moved to a later date due to local Prometric closures. However, FSBPT also stated that “at this point, it is very likely that all of our April exams will be cancelled.” Click HERE for the official FSBPT statement.

4/2/2020, 10:43AM PST — Prometric posted an announcement, link at the bottom of this page. Summary: Regional cancellations have started to roll out, however in other areas they are still planning to open Prometric centers for testing after April 16th. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: Some of you may have your exams cancelled/rescheduled based on local and state regulations, while others of you may still be scheduled for the NPTE on April 28th. For everyone, FSBPT recommends keeping your registration, so they can reschedule you to a date BEFORE the July NPTE. This is great news! Keep up all of your great work studying for the NPTE. NPTEFF will continue to update as things progress and more information becomes available.

4/2/2020, 8:06AM PST — FSBPT has responded and informed that any students registered with Prometric/FSBPT for the April NPTE that receive notice of cancellation will be rescheduled before the July test dates. FSBPT encourages all students to keep their current registration as this will ensure the student receives all correspondence about rescheduling. — Keep studying hard, so you’re ready when testing day comes!

4/2/2020, 7:41AM PST — Many students have received emails from Prometric explaining that their NPTE has been cancelled. These emails state that the testing centers plan to re-open April 16th, which appears to be an error or typo. NPTE Final Frontier is actively engaging with Prometric and FSBPT to find out more. Check back soon for updates.


An update from NPTE Final Frontier for NPTE candidates. We’re all in this together; stay healthy, stay home!

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