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The Joy of Passing!

The NPTE Final Frontier team congratulates everyone who passed the NPTE and welcomes you all to the other side of this exciting profession of Physical Therapy!

The exam was tough, but you proved tougher!  Your belief in yourself, your hard work, and your persistence finally paid off. This outstanding success of yours motivates us further to keep doing better as an institute.

Seven days after the results, FSBPT will issue a free score report through your respective FSBPT accounts for thirty days; download the report and cherish the memory forever. These scorecards shall always remind you of your triumph and uplift your spirits during bleak moments. It doesn’t matter whether it was your first attempt or your last, whether you scored 600 or 800, you are a licensed PT! You are all champions, and we are incredibly proud of your achievements!

"It doesn't matter whether it was your first attempt or last, whether you scored 600 or 800, you are a licensed PT."

We are elated to see the status updates and beautiful stories of all the victorious candidates in the Facebook and WhatsApp groups.  These stories also articulate the numerous friendships we have garnered over the years as a coaching institute.

Our friends and families are equally entitled to these celebrations! They must have sacrificed way more than we realize. Let us take a moment to appreciate their patient presence and rock-solid support from behind the scenes.

Interestingly, some newly licensed PTs feel lost after passing the exams. Therefore, the NPTEFF continues to support you through an entirely new adventure of ‘Life After NPTE.’ On this platform, our team of experts provides one-on-one mentorship to our new alumna on the available options and the next steps. These mentors would proffer hand-holding to pursue higher education or secure jobs, utilizing the most reliable tools for job search, job applications, interview techniques, contract reviews, and negotiations. Take advantage of these services to discover and  yourself further!

But for now, stay safe and bask in the glory of unprecedented success!