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The Aftermath of the Results

Congratulations to all the warriors on taking the NPTE during these trying times. Efforts extraordinaire!

The results for the NPTE have started coming out. Many from this cohort have successfully chased down the passing scores; others couldn’t quite make it to “Pass.” You’re certainly not alone. The entire army of the NPTE Final Frontier is rallying behind you.

Many of you missed the NPTE by just a few points: 596, 597, 598, or even 599/800. It truly is heartbreaking. However, do not overthink, “If only I had marked one more correct answer….” instead believe, “I will walk that extra mile on my next (last!) attempt….” For us, you all are geniuses and have passed already because we have witnessed your dedication, hard work, and sacrifices. Scores don’t matter; knowledge does. Since we all require the assertion of our accomplishments in the face of licensure, we must overcome the mind-block and succeed in this exam. Let us take this challenge head-on!

" Now is the time to reflect and make changes to your existing routine, so your next attempt becomes your final attempt! "

Now is the time to reflect and make changes to your existing routine,  Let us start deliberating what we should do differently this time:

  • Make a schedule.
  • Put in extra efforts.
  • Reflect upon weaknesses once again.
  • Give our best to earn the license

Let us root to becoming PT by design and not by luck! Motivate and promise yourself that you are going to hit the next one out of the park. Because remember: in your undergrad and grad school days, you would never aim for just 61% of the passing score 60%! 

Interestingly, my experience teaching with Final Frontier for the past six years reveals that the attempt right after an unsuccessful effort often ensures the best outcomes. This is because everything is fresh in our memories, and we only need to supplement the existing knowledge with a few more concepts. SO! Let us start preparing one last time for this final attempt

Reach out to the Final Frontier family – WhatsApp-Facebook buddies or your respective licensed study partners – and we will make sure to support!  Let us go All-In!