Plan After Postponing NPTE

NPTE Final Frontier collected information from hundreds of NPTE aspirants, and found that 24% of the students postpone their repeat NPTE attempt. One of the most common reasons for postponing the exam is lack of preparation, and not being able to get passing scores on the practice exams. While postponing is not a bad idea, it can be stressful on how to restart your preparation for the next NPTE. Most students make the mistake of starting from scratch like reviewing dermatomes, myotomes, muscle origin insertions and other basic content. But the real reason you postponed the exam was not that you didn’t know the basic content, but your inability to apply the content to clinical case scenarios presented as multiple choice questions in your practice exams, or the NPTE.

Therefore, it is important to carefully plan your study schedule. NPTE Final Frontier recommends re-organizing the study schedule and focusing first on the weak areas (phase 2 of the timetable) and later going back to review basics (phase 1 of the timetable) about 5-6 weeks before the exam since you already know that part. The key to success is to target areas the weak areas, read more in-depth about them from the textbooks and gradually convert them into strong areas. The last 3 weeks of the exam preparation should be used to revise everything so that not to feel underprepared again at the end. So, instead of just starting without any plan, get a plan first to be successful on your next NPTE. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions. Good luck on the next NPTE!


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